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Pringle Bay is situated in the Kogelberg Biosphere. A Biosphere is a specific type of landscape designated by UNESCO and accommodates both the natural environment and communities. The Kogelberg Biosphere is the only reserve in South Africa to be proclaimed by UNESCO. It is run according to internationally accepted principles of a biosphere reserve, where a core sensitive area of 18 000 hectares remains wild and pristine, maintaining a high level of biological diversity.

Koggelberg Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve consists of 100 000 hectare, running along the coastal area from Gordon’s Bay to Kleinmond, and is filled with generous mountain peaks, craggy kloofs and valleys.The Kogelberg is known as the “heart of fynbos” and it is home to an incredible 1712 different plant species.


The Baboons are frequently seen all over town, in the surrounding mountains,roads and occasionally on the beach. Do not feed them under any circumstances – the best approach is to observe without interfering in any way!

Jackass Pengiuns

The Jackass Penguins (African Penguin) can be viewed in Betty’s Bay at one of the few land based penguin colonies in continental Africa. It can live for 17-23 years and mate for life, eat Pilchards and Anchovies and drink the salt water since their salt glands above their eyes are able to extract highly concentrated salt from their blood.

Southern Right Wale

The Whale’s frequents the coast along Western Cape waters between June and November and can be viewed with ease from land. There are several favourite areas and the Clarence Drive Road (R44) will most likely offer sightings of both whale and dolphin pods.

Harold Porter

Do not miss a visit to the beautiful Harold Porter Botanical Garden nestled between the mountains and the sea only 5 minutes drive from Pringle Bay (in Betty’s Bay). Go for a walk or hike and discover the beauty of the landscape and plants. For more information visit 028 272 9311

The Cape Clawless Otter

The Cape Clawless Otter is also present in the Pringle Bay area.

In Kleinmond there is a herd of Wild Horses.

You can view a big variety of Birds in Pringle Bay and surrounding areas. Sunbird, sugar bird, gulls, cormorants, Egyptian Geese, Little Egrets, Cape Wagtails, swallows, Cape Bulbul, Rameron Pigeon, Speckled mouse-bird, Grass bird, Black Eagles, Martial Eagles, Black Sparrow Hawks, Jackal Buzzard, Steppe Buzzard, Black Shouldered Kites, White Fronted Plover, Terns, penguins and African oystercatcher are just some birds you might sight. The African Black Oystercatcher is a large wader and is a resident breeder on the rocky coasts and islands of southern Africa. It is a large and noisy plover-like bird, with jet black plumage, pinkish/red legs and a strong broad dagger-like red bill which it uses for smashing or prying open mussels. The eyes and eye rings are red. The African Oystercatcher is listed as an endangered bird with a population of less than 5,000 adults.

Swimming,Snorkeling, Surfing and Kite Boarding at our pristine beaches.

The Green Mountain Wine Route passes through the beautiful Elgin orchard area.

Hiking Trails and Activities visit
Guided tours: Klem Dunstan
083 298 0654 or 028 271 366
MountainBiking permits available at Kogelberg Nature Reserve
028 271 5138 or visit
Kayaking, Kloofing and White Water Rafting on Palmiet River
Golf – 18 hole course at Arabella Hotel and Wellness Spa Spa
028 284 0000
Golf – 9 hole course at Kleinmond Golf Course 028 271 3525